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TECHNICAL EXPLANATION When the image inspection is introduced When the image inspection is introduced, the method of the current visual inspection is required as a base information. They are the sizes of the inspection object, the state of the material, the content of the inspection, the inspection time, the processing speed, installation features, and the installation position, etc. We would investigate whether the image inspection can adapt or adjust the above environment information.

If we want to inspect the quality of the objects, it is requested to prepare beforehand the samples of quality items, acceptable defective items, as well as defective items. These items are used for the investigation process..

The investigation process is necessary for every case because the objects and requirements of customers are various based on their business lines, characteristics of the inspected objects, inspection environment, etc.

We would make arrangement beforehand with customers. Therefore, a rough estimation for buying the image inspection system is available. We think that we can provide the customers with suitable solutions.
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