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PRODUCTS MVI-250 - Multipurpose vision inspection system Introduction MVI-250

ASV provides Total Machine Vision Solutions for semiconductor IC inspection, PCB inspection and inspection for other electrical parts. Our products include Mark, Lead & Package defects inspection systems for MLP, QFP, BGA, SOT, SC70, etc. Our solutions are guaranteed to be cost-effective, innovative and installed worldwide by major semiconductor manufacturers.

MVI-250 is a unique multipurpose image processing vision inspection system which is able to satisfy all measurement requirements for IC, PCB inspection and other electrical parts inspection.

Main inspection contents:
- Pattern matching.
- Distance between points, lines.
- Blob measure.
- Angular measurement.
- Circle center measurement.
- Distance between circle centers.
- Lead inspection.
- Mark inspection.
- Package inspection.

Inspection samples:
 * IC

Bend down
Void Excess Ink


Pin Hole/Void
Intrusion/Chip Protrusion Contamination

 * Others

(1) Distance measurement
(2) Angular measurement

Find out the centers of circle (1) and circle (2)
Calculate the distance between the centers

Radius measurement



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