Angle rubber Inspection machine
Objects products: 10*10*20 mm
Processing speed: 70pcs/m ±10%
Jam rate: 0/3000 pcs
Inspection surface: Whole surface (6 side)
Inspection content: Foreign substance, Scratch, Excessive Flash, measure distance, ...
Capacity inspection: 800μm×800μm
Capacity measurement: 100μm3Σ
Operation route:
Put products to parts feeder. Products will be moved automatically into turn table in an order. They are captured images of 6 side for inspecting by 4 camera and prism while moving on turn table. If the inspection result is OK, product will be sorted to OK BOX,If the inspection result is NG, product will be sorted to NG BOX,
For video
Some image of NG samples which machine detected.

Chipped Angle

Short welding

Miss Molding 1

Excessive Flash

Scratch, Foreign substance

Miss Molding 2