Overview the visual inspection antomation system
Base ideas to invent system
In the past, people had to use their eyes to observe and find out the defects in the products. However, people now can not use their eyes any more in the modern mass production world where the products moves quickly in the production lines and they are getting smaller in size. It is the time Image Inspection emerges as a method of the imitation of the human eye to manage the quality of the products in several industries such as Electronics, Automobile, Food & Drug, etc. It is the method of inspection by using the advanced CCD camera and analyzing the images. By using the computer technology with high processing speed, the system show the inspection result immediately that the product is good or no good. This technique is to measure size, mark, position, scratch,...on product, then compare with product's standard specification.
Nowadays, people often use this system to manage quality of products in industrial process line:
  • Semiconductor process line: measure distance; inspect scratch, chip, mark, confusion,...
  • Automobile parts process line: measure distance, inspect welding seam,...
  • Pharmacy process line: Inspect label, packaging status, drug's color,...
  • This system can be applied to any industrial process line you want to inspect appearance of products as defect below.
Some images errors that the system has detected:
Semi-conductor product
Void on PKG
Chipped PKG
Chipped Mark. Thin Mark
Scratched PKG
Chipped PKG
Bended lead
Resin pilot
Resin adhesion
Molding void
Execessive flash
Basic Construction
Inspection unit
(1) Camera: capture image of product
(2) Lighting: support for capture image clearly
(3) Computer and monitor: Process image and display inspection result
Supplying and sorting Unit (Mechanics and Control)
(4) Supply and sort products according to inspection result.
Basic operation of the system
Supplying Unit move product to under camera. Camera captures the image of product then input into computer.
Image is processed, analysed by software for inspecting and output the inspection result to sorting uint.
Product will be sorted according to inspection result.