Automobile braker inspection machine
(Brake inspection machine)
Objects products: 15mm~26mm
Processing speed: 4s/pc ±10%
Jam rate: 0/3000 pcs
Inspection surface: Whole surface
Inspection content: Dirty, Scratch, measure distance, thickness
Capacity inspection: 100μm×100μm
Capacity measurement: 5μm3Σ
Operation route:
Set braker one by one on turn table. Turn table turns braker to inspection stage 1. At here, 3 cameras cature whole above surface of braker for inspecting. After that, turn table turns braker for exchanging to Robot. Robot takes braker to inspection stage 2. Camera captures image of bottom surface for inspecting. Robot takes braker to set on inspection stage 3. Camera captures image of side brake for inspecting. If inspection result is OK, braker will be sorted to OK line. If inspection result is NG, braker will be sorted to NG line.
Some image of NG samples which machine detected.

Surface errors
(scratch , dirty, no mark, chipped,...)

Measure distance