Harness Inspection Unit
Objects products: 0.5mm~3mm
Processing speed: 120pcs/m ±10%
Jam rate: 0/3000 pcs
Inspection surface: Whole surface 360°
Inspection content: Stand out, Conductor Cut, No Bell Mouth, Deep Crimp, ...
Capacity inspection: 100μm×100μm
Capacity measurement: 100μm3Σ
Operation route:
This machine is Unit inspect harness of electricity wire. The first, this unit inspect the wire which is supplied by Installing machine if cover was stripped or not. After that inspect the harness is supplied from installing machine after joining with wire by using prism and camera rotating 360 degree for inspecting whole face. Inspection result will be infirmed to Installing machine for sorting.
For video
Some image of NG samples which machine detected.

Stand out

Shallow Crimp

Miss crimp

Deep Crimp